Accessing the Locked Page

You might notice a “Locked Page” menu item on the top right of your screen. There isn’t anything exciting in there except for a contact form… but it is in fact locked. This is useful if you would like to restrict viewership on your site to parents or even student teachers who might need more than public access, but don’t yet have an ntschools account.

Each class for example could have a locked page if the school wasn’t using a tool like Compass which my son’s school uses all the time to keep us updated with events. This could provide private information… but certainly not at an individual family or student level.

When you password protect something, there really needs to be something worth protecting. In the case of the “Locked Page” the only thing to entice you in is that if you are the first to complete the contact form, I will provide a small gift from my vast collection of show paraphernalia I have collected from places like edutech and certain vendors…

You’ll need the password, which in itself is not very secure, but at least it isn’t in the top ten most hacked passwords

So what is the password? Please don’t ever do this on a public site… it is “toothpick” and hand on heart, I have never used that as password before and never will again…

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