Building your school website – new way

The benefits of having your school website externally developed

In this new digital age your public facing website is undeniably the first point of contact for most people and is what a growing number of parents rely on when deciding whether or not to send their child to your school. Essentially, it is a reflection of your schools unique goals, overall message and thriving spirit. A visually stunning website filled with bright images, unique web parts and engaging content is more than likely to charm parents and spark interest.

We understand the time constraints and lack of resources each school is bound by and have therefore come up with an exciting solution which is available to you now if you choose.

Modern websites need to be viewable on a variety of devices from phones through to desktop computers. Information Services has established a service with one of Australia’s leading hosting companies that gives schools access to world class hosting with all of the free tools that come with modern websites. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and hundreds of applications and customisable plugins to ensure your website attracts the right sore of attention.

Although you will arrange your own developer, be that someone at school on staff or an external developer, Information Services will support the establishment of the site in our hosting environment for free*! We want to offer you a choice when it comes to your school website. You can continue using SharePoint 2010 if you’d like or instead give your website a makeover and have it re-published on a tool like WordPress!

Reasons you might want to take advantage of this solution:

  • As much or as little functionality, themes, plugins as you want – all for free
  • Visually stunning design – your website is guaranteed to be noticed
  • Quicker and easier to set up and maintain
  • Increased viewing compatibility across multiple devices e.g. smartphones, iPads and tablets
  • Translates to greater reach – more eyeballs on your website (look up friendly)
  • Increased SEO (search engine optimization) meaning your website will appear higher in searches completed in google etc. and will therefore be more visible/accessible.
  • No support costs – Information Services is providing support with this transition via Lync (desktop share), email or phone
  • Instant updates to the site anytime without additional costs
  • Assistance in selecting the best plugins for your site
  • Minimal maintenance required to keep the site up to date
  • Self-manageable
  • Simple to learn and use
  • If you forget or lose logins, Information Services can issue a new one no problems
  • New features not available through static websites or SharePoint sites 2010

Call to Action:

Process to set up a school website with us

 Below are the general starting points you will have if want to work with us on your website…

  • Transfer from SharePoint
  • Transfer from existing kite server
  • Transfer from another external host
  • No current site for school

Setup and support

 Although Information Services won’t do the website development for you, we will assist in providing the best advice on creating and maintaining your site along with a world class hosting environment that your staff or your developers/contractors can work in to create the best online web presence for your school.

  • Maintain yourself
  • External provider maintains
  • Require assistance from information Services – Y/N

Fine Print

Each school is required to pay for their website URL which in the case of domains is directly oncharged from ESA

Development of the website is not undertaken by Information Services, but provisioning of a hosting site and access to manage the site is. During 2016 the hosting charges for this service will not be passed onto schools.