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NAO Robotics Sessions

Meet the Department of Education’s very own NAO Robot. 58 cm in height, NAO is one of the first humanoid robots. Currently in his 5th version, NAO is a programmable companion and can provide learning experiences to students across the Northern Territory.

Information Services provides a sequenced set of engagements for both students and teachers kickstarting a curiosity in coding and robotics. We are visiting schools across the Northern Territory to find a name for our new friend. Robotics and coding are skills for the future, with the Federal Government’s focus on bringing STEM subjects to schools across the country. Our four short free sessions provide opportunities to learn what it would be like to work with robots.

Invite NAO to your school assembly

A great way to introduce NAO to your school is via a 10 minute demonstration at your assembly, where students, teachers and parents can see the level of interactivity from a robot. Typically at an assembly, we ask principals or a students to participate and help demonstrate NAO’s humanoid capabilities. We can guarantee all in attendance will be impressed.

NAO Robotics Sessions

Session 1 – We’ll come back to your school shortly after your assembly event for a more in depth demonstration of NAO and its capabilities. We’ll also explore with the students how robotics can help humans and what jobs students might aspire to in this field.

Session 2 – is a programming lesson using the scratch-like icon driven programming language called Choreographe. Even after the robot has left the building, students can continue to program and run a virtual version of NAO.

Session 3 – Our final session is centred around ensuring your designated “robot handler” or teacher is comfortable continuing with coding in your school and we identify ways in which STEM, programming, robotics can be sustained in your school – coding clubs, competitions, events like Hour of Code, Robocup, Skills2021 and more.

Hour of Code Session

The Hour of Code is 60 minutes of coding fun integrated with practical learning with robots. Students learn important coding functions such as loops, if statements and more using the official hour of code site for 30 minutes, which is then reinforced by 30 minutes practicing with our Sphero Robots. These robust small robots are perfect to learn programming that incorporates sound, light, physical movement and more.

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