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Katherine Robot Road Trip

NAO Robot

We are taking our NAO Robot on a roadtrip to Katherine and a little bit beyond. We will be stopping in Adelaide River, Batchelor Area School, Pine Creek before setting up camp in Katherine.

We hope to visit a couple of locations south of Katherine the following day. This is planned for the week starting 5 March.

If you haven’t booked us in yet, just jump over to

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To find out what we are doing in the schools, take a look at our NAO program or check out this little video below.

NAO will have some of his friends – spheros (also know as the BB8 from Star Wars. Students will get a chance to see if they can knock the storm trooper or Darth Vader over without harming Yoda. Of course they will also be exposed to coding with the hour of code, spheros and NAO.

Zone 8: Sphero SPRK+

The spheros, although small are a perfect addition to your STEM arsenal (storm troopers and darth vader optional)

During our workshops we also show students how to use Adobe Spark Video to create a story about the event and share it with their family. How to step by step instructions will be covered during the workshop.

We are planning for our massive Skills2021 event this year so make sure you mark 7 August in your diary for an excursion that will change your students’ future.

We look forward to catching up with you on our road trip. For those schools closer to Darwin like Taminmin, Berry Springs, Bee’s Creek we will be conducting separate trips out to your schools. If you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to contact:

Penelope Paton
E: penelope.paton@nt.gov.au
P: 08 8999 5861

Mark Christie
E: mark.christie@nt.gov.au
P: 08 8983 7969