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Information Services robot road rovers visit Katherine

Information Services robot road rovers recently visited schools around Katherine to demonstrate its latest robot guest. Students from Pine Creek Primary School learnt about Luke, a NAO Robot loaned to the Department of Education thanks to The Brainery.

Teachers and students were introduced to the voice commands, robotics and coding in a bid to inspire students to seek careers in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Principal of the school, Cheryl Glasgow said “the robotics program offered by the department plays a vital role in exposing students to technology that ordinarily they wouldn’t have the opportunity to see.”

The NAO robot along with Peppa and Romeo are part of a family of humanoid robots developed by Softbank Robotics. Most research, development and support by this leading robotics company takes place in Japan and France.

Mark Christie, the coordinator of the department’s robotics seeding program said “the future of robotics is now, we are already seeing robots being used in daily life, most car manufacturing is largely automated, as well as shopping centre checkouts and more. It has never been more important that students are exposed to a world where robots will be the norm and learn relevant skills for their future. ”

The students shared what some of the future jobs robots could perform for humans, suuggesting that robots could

  • Become companions for people
  • Help care for the elderly
  • Be a dance partner or teacher
  • Help clean up our environment

For more information about the department’s robotics workshops and to book a visit by Jo (our NAO robot recently returned from Paris) www.education.net/skills2021 or contact Mark Christie via email mark.christie@nt.gov.au