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Farming a new generation at Skills2021

This year Skills 2021 will have an exciting new technology! Farmbot, sponsored by Telstra will be showcased at Skills 2021 2017 and shows the ingenuity of modern robotics. Skills2021 is a free event hosted by the Department of Education at Parliament House that runs every year and holds the purpose of showing students coding and robotics to hopefully help them to find a career in the information technology field for the future.

The farmbot was designed by Farmbot INC and completely automates your garden, producing crops at a higher efficiency rate than traditional methods of farming. Farmbot can plant in a 1.4 metre radius and is completely automated, which means you don’t need to lift a finger and its open source which means you can change which plants need more water and you can also change the location of the seeds so they are not in standard lines.

Register for Skills2021 by following the link below.

Morning session: http://www.educationnt.net/skills2021/?tribe_events=skills2021-parliament-house

Afternoon session: http://www.educationnt.net/skills2021/?tribe_events=skills2021-parliament-house-afternoon-session