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Parap Primary continues the Skills 2021 trend

Skills 2021 this year was an overall success with 1000 students’ descending on the Main Hall of Parliament House. Students and teachers were able to explore the latest tech in 3D printing, virtual reality, robotics and drones. But the fun hasn’t stopped there.

Angela Perkins, a teacher from Parap Primary School, who heads up the schools local Code Club said,

“my class participated in the Adobe workshop at Skills 2021, which they loved. It was great the Skills 2021 team were able to deliver workshops to schools across the Northern Territory. Our students also worked with the Britannica to learn how to use its latest online resources LaunchPacks,” she said.

But what was as equally important, was that our Skills 2021 week provided opportunities for teachers to get some quality professional development.

“I was also lucky enough to attend the Code Club professional development the following day, which was amazing. We learnt how to create a basic program animating outer space objects like rockets and moons. I could see immediately how I could work in Scratch programming into our classroom assignments and activities.”


“Since the expo I have started a Code Club at the school and have also incorporated time in my classroom each week which involves a group working with Scratch, a group working with the Sphero robots and another will be building bristle bots…”


“My class loves all the technology based things that we do or people that come to teach them things, so we welcome workshops from the Skills 2021 team with open arms in my class!”