Getting to Skills 2021


Our registrations desk will be located in Parliament House’s Main Hall and will be operational from 8:00am, with the first workshops starting at 8:30am. Teachers need to check in with their groups at the registration desk before proceeding to workshops or other expo zones.


School buses can use the Parliament House bus parking.  It is on a first come first served basis, but it is rarely full. Please do not park on the grass.


Teachers and students will need to pass through Parliament House’s security prior to entering the event. It might be useful to ensure that any loose items that might trigger the alarm are placed into a bag. If students are bringing devices for workshops then they will probably already have a bag. Having to use the body scanner will slow things down so if all pens, keys, coins etc. can be placed in bags prior to passing them through the scanner it will speed things up.

Welcome and Check in

After the students are cleared through security, you can direct them to the registration desk, which will be in clear view if you stand between the scanner and the desk.

After being checked in, students and teachers can make their way to the stalls and workshops available. The first workshop of the day will begin at 8:30am.

School Uniforms

Please ask your students to wear their school uniform so we can identify the students as a group. This is particularly important for media purposes.

Lost and Found

All lost and found items will be with Parliament House’s Security. If there are any items that appear to belong to our groups still not claimed at the end of the day, we will discuss whether they stay with Parliament House Security or whether Information Services takes them back to Mitchell Street. In any case refer to contacts in this document.


The morning session concludes at 11:30am and the afternoon session concludes at 2:30pm. The event closes 2:30pm

St John’s Ambulance

A St johns Ambulance Paramedic will be on hand throughout the event and will be located on Level 4 Parliament House. Please refer to the event program to view the map.

Media during the event

Please note that the media will be recording during the event. The Department’s staff will also filming throughout the day. We are aware that some schools have participating students who specifically cannot be filmed. Students that do not have media consent will need to wear a green wrist band provided at the registration desk.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

We strongly recommend your students bring a device like a school laptop or tablet. For more information on what needs to be installed on their laptops, please contact Our team can help provide your class access to the software it needs.

Contact Us

For more information about the event please see the contact information below.

P: 8999 5861

Mark Christie
P: 0412 345 111

Monica Hilse
P: 0438 708 800

Penelope Paton
P: 0407 658 444