Sphero Spark+

I have created a powerpoint which runs through getting started with your Sphero Sprk+

Sphero is a robotic waterproof, one piece sphere that can be driven, used to create path based programs and can be programmed using easy block style programming, Apple Swift or JavaScript.

Its sensors allow it to be used in high school physics experiments as data can be downloaded and analysed.

On the last page are a couple of links to videos I made using the Sphero and programming it with a simple program.

Click me to open the PowerPoint

More Information is available from Steam.doe@nt.gov.au

Sphero Introduction Video https://video.ntschools.net/#/videos/61963ca7-e57b-46db-884c-1c54568a8a13

Basic programming of a square https://video.ntschools.net/#/videos/b15cd651-0a69-4841-bc75-7de878a8f57a