Media & Talent Release

As part of the Skills 2021 Expo a range of media outlets as well as Department of Education staff members will be photographing and filming the event exhibitions, workshops and stalls.

We request that all schools ensure that their students, parents, carers and staff members have completed the relevant Staff/ Parent Talent release form (.docx) or Student Talent Release form (.doc).

The footage will be used in a range of ways to promote the event and could feature on variety of media that positively promote the Department of Education’s programs and initiatives.

If parents do not wish their child to be photographed, accompanying teachers are to inform staff on the registration desk. Those students will be provided with an identifying wrist band.


  1. Send the student talent release form to parents for signature.
  2. Collate completed talent release forms and file as appropriate for school use.
  3. Send talent release forms in a zip file to or bring the signed talent release forms on the day to the events registration desk.
  4. Advise the events registration desk of students that do not have a signed talent release. Ensure those student wear the wrist band provided.

Talent release forms

Grab a copy of the talent release form by clicking on the links below.

Media Enquiries

For any media enquiries please contact the Department of Education’s media marketing team