School Central

We now have over 100 schools using School Central. This school intranet services provides a staff intranet for NT government schools, that includes:

  • A¬†standardised record management system, to enable schools to be compliant with the Information Act. The template automates the records management process and provides version history within the one document.
  • The intranet interface means documents are available online and accessible when using an NTSchools device from home or when travelling.
  • Links to core school systems such as SAIS and My Biz location are front and centre for ease of access.
  • Corporate communications are readily available but unobtrusive, keeping staff up to date with the latest Education¬†initiatives
  • Other features such as School News, School Events make school collegiality easier.


Phase 1: Make the template available for all schools – Friday 29 January
Phase 2: Nomination of School Representatives for implementation of School Central – End of February 2016
Phase 3: Schedule and transition to School Central – February – December 2016